June na naman!

Malapit na ang naman ang isang taon ng ako’y muntik ng ma-impeach sa Kongreso.

Malamang nito, me panibago na namang pagtatangka! Subukan lang nila. Baka di ako bibigya yung pork barrel nila.



  1. Juan Bandila said

    Four impeachment complaints filed against evil and corrupt Philippine President Gloria Nakaw-Pidal Arroyo. Where’s Joc-Joc Bolante? Hello Garci? Ate Glue malas ka !

    Arroyo exercised dictatorial powers to silence, if not stifle, political dissent arising from her illegitimate presidency. Charges of obstruction of justice, EO 464, CPR and 1017, Daily Tribune, the Batasan 5, electoral fraud.

    Arroyo committed crimes against humanity. She abetted, if not encouraged, the systematic and widespread killings of political dissidents and journalists to silence criticisms lodged against her and to continue her illegitimate hold on power.

    Arroyo criminally concealed her conjugal assets, engaged in graft and corruption, and entered into illegal government contracts. The Jose Pidal accounts, PIATCO bribery, jueteng; as well as illegal withholding of the Internal Revenue Allotment.

    Illegal use of public funds for the unlawful transformation of Philhealth cards into prohibited campaign materials by making said cards bear her name and picture to ensure her electoral victory;

    Illegal use of P4-6 billion of public funds in October 2003 “under the guise of purported but incongruently massive road construction and maintenance projects from Aparri to Jolo” where placards and billboards bearing the president’s name and face were used;

    Illegal use and disbursement of the 2003 and 2004 budget allocations of the deactivated Southern Philippines Development Authority (SPDA) and of the streamlined National Electrification Administration (NEA) for her presidential campaign fund;

    Illegal use and disbursement of the road users’ tax and the fertilizer funds under the so-called Ginintuang Masaganang Ani (GMA) program for her presidential campaign fund. For this, Jocelyn Bolante was appointed Agriculture Undersecretary allegedly “to orchestrate and implement” the use of P728 million fertilizer funds; and
    Entering into the “grossly inflated” North Luzon Railway Project (Northrail), worth US$503 million, of which the president allegedly obtained a 25% kickback.




  2. touchee said

    this blog is a libel suit waiting to happen!hindi lang yun,identity theft pa with matching paninirang puri pa palagi naman di ba,mga communists!

    you commies who are so ashamed of being called such perhaps because you know how ridiculous such an outdated and failed ideology is,that you prefer to be called “leftists” will never succeed in this country no matter how many pathetic gimmicks,propagandas and what have you’s that you have thrown whoever sits in Malacanang.
    which is my only satisfaction,you will never succeed,never,for communism is an evil plague that has died in china,cuba,north korea and soon the philippines.gosh its been like more than 30 years,enough already!.

    meanwhile,you can continue to ride on whatever issue there is,but you can only do so,sakay lang sa mga issue,hoping that a lie often repeated becomes the truth.yeah right commies.

  3. Not sure what that name-calling means or achieves, particularly since I’m not an architect. As I wrote, Dulles easily fits Banham’s tripartite definition.https://ameo.link/salasgentry3437408180

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