May Christmas Bonus Kayo!

Lahat ng mga nagta-trabaho saken sa gobyerno, me bonus na limang libong tumatagingting na salapi! Mabuhay!

Yung mga corny dyan at laging nag we-welga, manigas kayo. Kahit yung pabaon na gift baskets wala kayo!



  1. Juan del Mundo said

    Why only 5,000 pesos for government workers? You bribed election officers, local officials, military and police top brass and congressmnen in millions. This is not fair LIAR! Your credibility is minus zero bitch! What you can buy with 5,000 pesos? Toothpick??????? and instant noodle soup.

    Manila Times Friday, December 09, 2005

    Gloria’s rating tumbles to –30

    Fewer Filipinos are satisfied with President Arroyo, according to the latest survey showing her approval rating sliding to its second-lowest level in nearly five years, the Social Weather Stations said Thursday.

    A survey of 1,200 adults, conducted November 27-December 4, showed 24 percent satisfied and 54 percent dissatisfied, compared with 30 percent satisfied and 53 percent dissatisfied in the August-September period, the SWS said.

    The net satisfaction rating—the difference between the number of satisfied and dissatisfied—dropped to negative 30 percent from negative 23 percent, the second-lowest for Mrs. Arroyo since May, the pollster said.

    The survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percent.

    It said that negative feelings over the President’s performance were evident in all areas of the country and among Filipinos from all economic classes.

    The SWS said the President’s net rating was -45 in Metro Manila, -34 in the rest of Luzon, -16 in the Visayas and -25 in Mindanao.

    In September the President’s net rating had been -44 in Metro Manila, -25 in the rest of Luzon, zero or neutral in the Visayas and -26 in Mindanao.

    According to socioeconomic class, Mrs. Arroyo’s rating was -18 among the middle-to-upper ABCs, -30 among the masa or Ds and -34 among the very poor Es.

    This compares with the previous survey’s -13 among ABCs, -23 among Ds, and -31 among Es.

    The sentiments were apparently not reversed by the strong standing of host Philippines in the Southeast Asian Games, which took place during the period when the survey was conducted, or by the strengthening peso.

    The survey also occurred three weeks into the implementation of the expanded value-added tax, the government’s most important revenue-raising measure.

    Allegations that Mrs. Arroyo rigged last year’s elections—based on tapped telephone calls in which she is allegedly heard speaking to an election official about ensuring a million-vote victory—have set off her worst political crisis. The President has apologized for a “lapse in judgment? in talking with an election official before the results were announced, but has denied influencing the outcome.

    In September her allies in the House of Representatives defeated an opposition move to impeach her.

    Reacting to the survey, Press Secretary Ignacio Bunye said Thursday: “We understand that the public sentiment may still be affected by residual political turmoil, but we are optimistic that the ratings have no way to go but up.?

  2. Juan Kawawa said

    Naku heto na naman hindi ako maniniwala hangang wala pa ang 5,000. Baka matulad ulit yan last year, nag announce tapos binawe ni BRUHA ay…….hindi pala naibigay din last February pero, instead of cash gift na 5,000 naging love bonus 2,000 nalang.

    Basta ako hindi naniniwala sa sinungaling manigas ka GMA. What the government employees need is salary increase hindi yang 5,000 na pinag mamalaki mo, imagine simula ng umupo ka bilang PEKENG PANGULO hindi na nagkaroon ng increase ang sweldo ng mga government employee tapos sasabihin mo suportado ka nila GAGA…..hindi mo kami kayang bolahin. Yang asawa mo pwede pa, tanga kasi si Pidal hindi alam pinendeho na ni Nani.

    And to make the whole story short, the 5,000 GMA is giving is actually being done by the past 3 presidents kaya nothing is new wala ka dapat ipagmalaki.

    Adios Bruha

  3. lue said

    My Gosh! People, obviously this is not the blog of Gloria Arroyo. Whoever created this blog is just taking your for a ride. Yes, she’s got official links but that is public property…it is the official link of pgma and anybody can do that.

    Whoever think that this is the personal or official blog of Arroyo is damn clueless.

  4. Alfie said

    to lue, sino ba nagsabi sayo na totoong blog ni GMA ito? Hindi ka ba nakaka-“ride”? hehehe…..

  5. Gustavo said

    This is a fake GMA blog like the bogus president and commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

    Where in the world a non-partisan Comelec election officials and AFP intelligence unit (ISAFP) and head of state and government conspired to cheat and manipulate election results? ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES!

    Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo wants us to believe she is God-fearing Roman Catholic devotee. IN FACT, Gloria Arroyo is the alter ego of SATAN in the Philippines. She prays directly to Satan. What do we expect from a liar,cheater and plunderer? …………….GMA deliver us to the devil, AMEN!

  6. ultraman said

    Haha… How anyone can think that this is the official blog of our fake president is beyond me. anyway, tama si alfie. Lue, maki-ride ka na lang at magdasal tayo na makarating kay ate glue tong website.

  7. Juan Kawawa said

    To Everybody,

    Maybe Lue does’nt know how to ride guys so, let her be. Nag iisa lang naman siyang naliligaw dito.

    And with regards to Gustavo, if what your saying is true GMA prays directly to SANTAN my GOD, were will this country go? Anyways, everybody knows that and it’s up to the people to make sure SATAN (GMA) does not succeed with his plans.

  8. Alfie said

    Paalala sa mga kapwa ko Pilipino.

    Buksan po sana natin ang ating mga isip at wag paloloko sa mga pinagsasasabi ni Proxy President GMA na lumalakas ang Peso dahil sa mga Programa nya, tulad ng EVAT. Ang kapal talaga ng mukha ng walang hiya, angkinin ba naman ang bunga ng pag-hihrap ng mga kababayan nating OFW na nagpapakahirap magtrabaho sa ibang bansa dahil sa kawalang pag-asa sa bulok na economiya ng Pilipinas.

    Sa kapal ng mukha mo, pati nunal mo sa mukha mo magpupumilit na umalis sa makapal mong pagmumukha dahil hindi na niya ma-take. hehehe.

  9. Juan Kawawa said

    Juan to Alfie,

    Paalam kapatid, paalam sa mga nag-hihirap natin kababayan, paalam sa mga kapatid natin walang ihahain notche buena itong darating na pasko, paalam sa mga batang wala ng kinabukasan sa atin bansa, paalam sa mga kababayan natin nag-hihirap sa ibang bansa at higit sa lahat sana, mamaalam na si PANDAK SA MALACAÑGAN.

    Adios Pandak

  10. gari said

    Hehehe ang tupa nga pwedeng i-clone, si Gloria pa kaya?
    Ay! No to Human Cloning pala!

  11. Juan Kawawa said

    Juan to Gari,

    “No to Human Cloning pala!”

    Sorry kapatid na clone na nila si GARCI…he.he..he.. kaya pag may balitang napatay na si Garci, wag kayong maniniwala.

  12. akoy pinoy said

    Wala kang salita GMA

  13. akoy pinoy said

    Bolahin mo ang mga kalahi mo GMA

  14. Mario Delacruz said

    Open Letter to Our Leaders

    Dear Tita Cory, Senators, Congressmen, Businessmen, Media people, Leftists, and all Bleeding Hearts Out There:

    I am angry. And I know that there are many out there who are angrier than I am for the same reason. And that reason is simple. I am sick and tired of all you guys claiming to speak for me and many Filipinos. I feel like screaming every time you mouth words about fighting for my freedom and my rights, when you obviously are just thinking about yours.

    You tell me that the essence of democracy is providing every citizen the right to speak his or her mind and make his or her own informed judgments, but you yourselves do not respect my silence and the choices I and many others have made. In other words, your concept of democracy is limited to having your rights and your freedoms respected, at the expense of ours.

    I am utterly flabbergasted that you still do not get it: we already responded to your calls, and our response has been very clear – we chose NOT to heed your calls to go to EDSA or to Fort Bonifacio

    not because we do not love our country or our freedoms or our rights, but precisely because we love our country even more. Because quite frankly, we are prepared to lose our freedoms and our rights just to move this country forward. You may think that is not correct, you can tell me all the dire warnings about the evils of authoritarian rule, but quite frankly, all we see are your pathetic efforts to prop up your cause. You tell me that you are simply protecting my freedoms and my rights, but who told you to do that? I assure you that when I feel that my rights and my freedoms are at a peril, I will stand up and fight for them myself.

    You tell us that GMA is not the right person to lead this country because she has done immoral acts. As someone who sees immorality being committed wantonly in many ways every day and by everyone (yes, including the ones you do), I may have become jaded. But you have not been able to offer me any viable alternative, while GMA has bent over backwards many times to accommodate you while continuing to work hard despite all the obstacles and the brickbats you have thrown her way. From where I sit, she is the one who has been working really hard to move this country forward while all of you have been so busy with one and only one thing: to make sure she does not succeed. So forgive me if I do not want to join you in your moral pissing contest. Forgive me if I have chosen to see things from another perspective.

    You say she is the problem. I say, we are the problem, more to the point, I think YOU are a bigger problem than she is. Taking her out may solve part of the problem, but that leaves us with a bigger problem: you. That is right, YOU!

    While I felt outraged that she called a Comelec official during the elections and that she may have rigged the elections, I have since then taken the higher moral ground and forgiven her. Yes my dear bishops, I have done what you have told me to do since I was a child, which you say is the Christian and moral thing to do: forgive. Especially since she has asked for forgiveness and has tried to make amends for it. Erap certainly has not apologized and continues to be defiant, continuing to insult us everyday with his protestations. Cory has not apologized for her incompetence but we have forgiven her just the same because like GMA, she has worked hard after all.

    I know you do not think that GMA’s apology was not enough, or that she was insincere, or that that apology should not be the end of it, but please spare me the hypocrisy of telling me that you do so for the sake of protecting the moral fiber of society. The real reason is because you smell blood and want to go for the kill. Well, I have news for you. I do not like her too. I did not even vote for her. I voted for Raul Roco. But as much as I do not like her, I do not like you even more. I may not trust her, but guess what; I do not trust you even more. You know why? Because all you do is whine and sabotage this country. You belittle every little progress we make; conveniently forgetting that it is not just GMA who has been working so hard to achieve them. Every single day, we keep the faith burning in our hearts that this country will finally pull itself out of the mess and we work so hard to do that.

    Every little progress is the result of our collective effort, we who toil hard everyday in our jobs. Yet, you persist in one and only thing: making GMA look bad in the eyes of the world and making sure that this country continues to suffer to prove your sorry point. In the process, you continue to destroy what we painstakingly try to build. So please do not be surprised that I do not share your cause. Do not be surprised that we have become contemptuous of your antics. You have moved heaven and earth to destroy her credibility, you have convened all kinds of fora and hearings and all you have done is test our patience to the core. For all your effort, you have only succeeded in dragging us further down.

    I say enough. Don’t get me wrong. I am not asking that we take immorality lying down, or that we let the President get away with anything illegal. But you have tried to prove your accusations all this time and you have not succeeded, so it is time to let things be. Besides, you are doing something immoral as well if not utterly unforgivable. The Magdalo soldiers are consorting with the communists – the same people who have been trying to kill democracy for years. Cory has been consorting with Erap and the Marcoses.

    So please wake up and take a reality check. In the absence of true and genuine moral leadership, many of us have decided to cast our lot with the President, even if we do not like her. A flawed leader is better than scheming power hungry fools who can not even stand up for their convictions in the face of an impending arrest.

    Your coup attempts and the denials that you have consequently made only underscore what we think is true: you are spineless and unreliable people whose only defense is to cry suppression when your ruse does not work. You are like bullies who taunt and provoke, but cry oppression when taken to task for your cruelty.

    I would have respected you if you took the consequences of your actions like real heroes: calmly and responsibly instead of kicking and screaming and making lame excuses. You say you are willing to die for us, that you do all these things for the country and the Filipino, but you are not even willing to go to jail for us.

    Come on, you really think we believe that you did not want to bring down the government when that is the one and only thing you have been trying to do in the last many months?

    We love this country and we want peace and progress. Many among us do not give a f*&k who sits at Malacanang because we will work hard and do our share to make things work. If you only do your jobs, the ones that we elected you to do, things would be a lot simpler and easier for every one.

    The events during the weekend only proved one thing. You are more dangerous and a serious threat to this country than GMA is. We have seen what you are capable of doing – you are ready to burn this country and reduce everything to ashes just to prove your point. If there is something that we need protection from, it is protection from YOU.

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