Tumaas ang piso.

Teka, san ang mga papuri nyo? Umabot na sa 53.98 yung piso kamakailan lang ah!

Pag tumaas ang mga halaga ng kalakal, aangal kayo. Pag bumaba ang halaga ng piso (say 55 and up), daming nyong reklamo. Welga dito, welga roon. Rally dito, rally dun! Puro angal, tamad naman mag trabaho.

Ngayon, aber. Mataas na ang piso, me papuri ba kayo?

Let’s hear it people! “We lvoe you GMA!”



  1. Gabriel Claudio said

    Madam GLue-ria..pls finise lang ang salita,baka magkamali nanaman tayo.
    galing sa remittance ng OFW yan..yun ngang pondo nila na nagalaw natin nung election eh di pa nababalik..baka malaman nila..pumalag yung mga yan di na mag remit..



    MANILA TIMES Wednesday, November 30, 2005

    Peso now below P53

    Strongest showing in 9 months

    By Dennis C. Serfino, Reporter

    BUOYED by hefty remittances from overseas Filipino workers, the peso breached the P53 level Tuesday against the US dollar, its strongest showing since March.

    The peso closed at 53.94 to the dollar, up from 54.15:$1 on Friday.

    The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas attributed the peso’s forward movement to money being sent home by OFWs to their families for Christmas.

    “The continued improvement of the peso is due to sustained inflows, particularly OFW remittances as expected this time of the year. There is not much corporate demand,? said Amando Tetangco Jr., the BSP governor.

    A trader from a local bank agreed, saying the peso is gaining ground against the dollar on the back of OFW remittances and a lack of commercial demand.

    Tetangco also cited the overall positive sentiment in the market on the government’s improved cash position “plus the improving momentum from last week.?

    The national government incurred a fiscal deficit of P7.1 billion in October, lower by slightly more than P3 billion than the program of P10.1 billion for the month.

    This brings the budget gap to P115.5 billion in the first 10 months of the year, or an overperformance of P40.5 billion compared with the programmed ceiling of P156 billion for the period.

    But a trader said the economy’s slow performance in the third quarter could revive concerns about the sustainability of the headway made by the government on the fiscal and economic front.

    The economy grew below market expectations at only 4.1 percent in the third quarter, because of high oil prices, a drop in agricultural and industrial output as well as political instability.

    At the Philippine Dealing System, the peso opened at 54.05 to the greenback. After hitting a low of 54.13 and a high of 53.91, it settled down to a weighted average of 53.99.

    Transaction volume reached $439.5 million.

    The peso is inching closer to this year’s highest close of 53.83 on March 17.

    Socioeconomic Planning Secretary Augusto Santos said the net effect of the peso’s rise against the dollar will mean “lower debt payments. As you can see,? he said, “interest payments are going down.?

    He also said this would make importation, especially of fuel, cheaper. Imported oil accounts for about 37 percent of the country’s energy requirements.

  3. Pinky said

    Ang panty lang ni Aling Gloria ang bumababa sa Pilipinas pero lahat na presyo ay tumataas. HOY! Sinungaling dapat ikaw bumaba na sa puwesto dahil ikaw ang dahilan ang fiscal crisis. Nilustay mo ang kaban ng bayan noong nakaraan elektion. Pati ang recovered Marcos wealth sa Swiss bank waldas na. Magnanakaw!

  4. badong said

    hah, ganun na ang piso ngayon..naku eh di bababa na ang halaga ng mga dolyares na nakukuha namin …syet!

  5. Juan Kawawa said

    Tita Glo ano naman ang paki-alam ko sa pag-taas ng piso sa dollar eh wala naman akong dollar sa bulsa heto ng at konteng barya pinatungan mo pa ng e-vat.

    At ano naman itong hiningi mong papuri? Wala na kaming ibibigay s’yo ubos na, pati ba naman yun gusto mo pang agawin sa ami konti na ng lang eh hihingiin mo pa aba eh wala na nga puri ang pinoy sa mundo dahil s’yo tapos manghihingi ka pa, pwede mo naman nakawin yun nasa pwesto ka diba?

    Sige papapurihan ka nalang namin pag bumaba ka sa pwesto, yan ang pinaka kapuri-puri mong gagawin kung saka-sakali.

  6. Juan del Mundo said

    Hello Ducky! You make sense.

    Gloria Arroyo can do nothing else but reject the unsolicited advice of Bishop Deogracias Yniguez that she ought to go on leave while her phone pal, Former Comelec Commissioner Virgilio Garcillano is being investigated by the Congress on the “Hello Garci” recordings.

    After all, if Gloria had rejected suggestions of the same nature from former President Cory Aquino and others, why should she listen to a mere bishop when, as her Executive Secretary says, other bishops, including the newly installed President of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) Angel Lagdameo earlier attended the 24th Annual Prayer Breakfast where he sat beside Gloria.

    How many troops does Bishop Yniguez have that Gloria has to show any respect for him?

    Cielito Habito, former economic planning secretary during the Ramos presidency, says that the economy is slowing down. The slowdown is all over: investments, government spending, growth in personal consumption spending, exports, imports, the equity and foreign exchange market.

    Habito titled his talk “Too Early to Party, or The Real Score on the Philippine Economy.” While the rest of Asia is moving up, getting credit upgrades and improvements in business outlook, the Philippines’ outlook is basically gloomy. Prices, jobs, income and other indicators are moving in the wrong direction, downwards.

    Says Habito: “I used to say that the economy is being propped up by the Filipinos’ love affair with text but even that is slowing down.”

    Habito notes that the second quarter saw a “sudden increase in government spending” because “revenues are being used for lobbying against the President’s impeachment.”

    As for the things that Gloria claims as her achievements – a better peso and higher local share prices – Habito says the reason behind the strong peso and improved stock market are due to the weak dollar and the improvement in the oil prices. But instead of being buoyed by these developments, Habito sees the Philippines as being “at the end of the queue for hot money” or excess global funds. When these funds are dispensed, we get coins to the thousands that our Asian neighbors attract.

    Habito says: “It is not appropriate for the President to claim credit for the improved performance of the stock market. It is just that there is a lot of money around looking for somewhere to go but we should have been getting more.”

    “We seem to be on a catch-up mode but we are still down there, no better than where we were, and the other countries are up there,” Habito says.

    The real score for the Philippines is that we have very large debt payments. In 2005, target tax revenue collection was P750 billion but debt service payments amounted to P646 billion.

    Thus, for every P10 collected, P9 went to debt service and only P1 to government expenditures. “This is unprecedented in history,” he said.

    The budget gap could be narrowed through new taxes, improved collection efficiency, less graft and corruption, less unnecessary spending, less deviations from the medium term development plan, and less deficits of government corporations.

    Will the e-VAT help? Probably not. Habito says that the collection efficiency for the VAT is only 13 to 20 percent!

    What Habito sees as the “more disturbing” signs of economic meltdown is the fact that the middle class has been affected. The signs of this are the drastic drop in enrolment and increase in tuition payment delinquencies in schools such as La Salle and Ateneo,

    the drop in enrolment for medical doctors, the increased enrolment for nurses, and the recruitment of teachers to teach English in the US. Our middle-class workers are looking to find jobs abroad, instead of planning a future in the Philippines!

    But, worse, according to Habito, is that the country lacks credible leadership. “There should be a credible and inspiring leadership that can win the goodwill, faith and cooperation of both creditors and taxpayers,” he said. Obviously, we do not have that!

    Yet, Gloria Arroyo plans to set aside even more money for debt service in 2006. Debt service payments in 2006 will total P721.78 billion or P2 billion per day, a 12 percent increase from 2005.

    “We are getting deeper into debt. Debt payments are far outpacing revenue generation,” says Cielito Habito.

    That, dear reader is where we really are.

    John Negroponte, the top man in US intelligence, and a former ambassador to the Philippines and bases’ negotiator, arrives and we have bombs blowing up cars parked in front of printing presses in Caloocan and Parañaque and in front of Congressman Ronnie Puno’s house in Antipolo even as the day began with someone shooting his M-14 into the LTA building that is owned by First Gentleman Mike Arroyo and Gloria’s phone pal, Virgilio Garcillano is prevaricating before a congressional hearing.

    Not only that. The US Embassy on Roxas Boulevard was closed the day before Negroponte arrived due to a bomb threat.

    For all these, which include a claim by a new military group calling themselves “Enlightened Warriors” that they were behind the LTA shooting, the military and police seemingly find themselves at a total loss about what is actually going on.

    Portents of things to come? I would not discount anything.

    But, who is doing this? The reaction of Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita gives us a clue:

    “Diversionary tactics? Meaning us? That’s not our style. If it has basis, we could take it to mean that we have a very good director.”

    Ed Ermita is probably right. The Gloria government cannot possibly have anyone with any competence at all, not even just a “very good director” for mayhem!


    Readers who missed a column can go to http://ducky.paredes-ohana.org Your reactions are welcome at duckyparedes@gmail.com.
    Email address: duckyparedes@yahoo.com

  7. Alfie said

    Paalala sa mga kapwa ko Pilipino.

    Buksan po sana natin ang ating mga isip at wag paloloko sa mga pinagsasasabi ni Proxy President GMA na lumalakas ang Peso dahil sa mga Programa nya, tulad ng EVAT. Ang kapal talaga ng mukha ng walang hiya, angkinin ba naman ang bunga ng pag-hihrap ng mga kababayan nating OFW na nagpapakahirap magtrabaho sa ibang bansa dahil sa kawalang pag-asa sa bulok na economiya ng Pilipinas.

    Sa kapal ng mukha mo, pati nunal mo sa mukha mo magpupumilit na umalis sa makapal mong pagmumukha dahil hindi na niya ma-take. hehehe.

  8. Roger Rosie said

    amerikano rin ang nagbaon ng nagbaon sa atin sa utang sila rin ang nagpapaikot ng gobyerno natin, hanggang kailan nila tayo titigilan ?

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