Garci Will Never Tell on Me

I’d like to put it more bluntly: “Manigas kayo!”



  1. Zucet Claudio said

    The die is cast. Majority of the Filipino people believes Gloria Pidal Arroyo cheated the last presidential election. Former COMELEC commissionaire Garcilliano cannot clear Pandak Gloria from alleged cheating. Garci and Gloria have zero credibility. It’s crystal clear that there was a grand conspiracy to rig the polls in favor of GMA. Government funds and resources were used for electioneering in Visayas and Mindanao Island. Web of lies and web of lies will them sink deeper to their graves.

    “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time“.
    Abraham Lincoln

  2. Juan Kawawa said

    Madame President kanina pa matigas sa akin, baka pwede nang ipasok sa inyo tutal, hindi na naman kayo nagsasama ni Tito Pidal sa KAMA.

    Ayan…ayan….malapit nang pumutok dali ipasok ko na sa’yo madame president….ahhhh…..ahhhhhhhh ….ahh wag nalang i’m finish na, mag sarili ka nalang finger yourself GMA or maybe you could asked Nanie Perez to do it for you.



  3. Nani Perez said

    Hoy! Gloriang Malandi heto ang vibrator. Isaksak mo sa kiki mo.

  4. toting bunye said

    Nani wag naman ganyan..matapus mong mapakinabangan eh binabastos mo na? ikaw din baka masabihang kang destabilizer..tapos kasuhan ka ni DOJ Raul (Toto) ng inciting to sedition..pabayaan mo na..ikaw naman..malapit na umalis yan sa puwesto o baka mapatalsik yan..wala na kame magawa..kundi mag sinungaling na lang..alam mo bayad na kami..oh siya Nani..mag ingat ka.. pauwi na si Mark Jimenez..pag dating niyan..wala na kame sa administrasyon..wala na rin si madam GMA..ikaw na lang mag isa..patay kang batangueno ka..di ka din mapatawaad ni Ping..o sige regards nalang.
    mag ahit ka nag bigote mo..para di kanila ma mukaan..

  5. Gabriel Claudio said

    mga igan sorry..nag escapo na uli si Garci..abangan na lang natin sa susunod na kabanata..alam mo naman//ang gusto nila ermit,ebdane,reyes,mendoza,and of course pati pala si berroya,mag pek abo muna si Garci..par ma suspense ang mga tangang tagahanga..eto si pareng athritis na kakainom sige pa rin..nakiki saw saw pa rin..magaling daw mag alaga un nag aalag sa kanya..sino pa e di si malou barry..oh siya ma wawala na naman si Garci ha!! lie low uli…yan ang gusto ng diredtor si Puno and Lupita hipag ni madam cory..yan ang make up artist ni madam GMA..kaya take one lang!!!

  6. Francisco Duque III said

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  7. Juan Kawawa said

    So what’s your point Francisco? Are you trying to sell or promote some product in this blog? Pardon me but, I’m not asking you this questions to put you down anyways, your comment is useful I just hope Tito Mike, Tito CRaulO and Pinsan Bunye can read this.

  8. Juan… para iyan sa akin. Pero dapat sa email iyan pumasok. Lagot na naman ako kay commander nito.

  9. Erap said

    Oi forward mo rin sa akin, Mike.

  10. FVR said

    Yan pala ang pinaggastusan ng fertilizer fund. Puede pa ba
    maki kick back?

  11. Juan Kawawa said

    Sorry Tito FVR hindi na baka ma-investigate ka pa sa senate and besides naubos na ba kick-back mo sa Philippine Expo? aba…..billion pesos ang pinondo natin duon ah….hintay na lang tayo maging parliamentary form of government, pag prime minister ka na saka na lang tayo mag kick-back atleast controlado natin mga tao.

  12. FVR said

    Aba, alam niyo ba na discounted na nga yung price na binigay sakin para sa
    100 Million peso white tent na nasa expo? 90 Million lang ang napunta sa aking personal fund from that project.

  13. Juan Kawawa said

    Sabagay matagal na rin pala yun Tito FVR siguro ng naubos mo na eh…yung kick-back mo sa NAIA II at yung sa Piatco deal aba hindi biro kinata natin dun ah..yung sa akin naka time deposit. How about yours Tito have you also spent all of it na?

  14. Mikey said

    Cheaters and liars all for one=Gloria Arroyo+Miguel Pidal Arroyo
    Son of bitches shame on you!

    A FORMER political leader of President Arroyo yesterday told a Senate inquiry that he was part of the “special operations” group funded by First Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo that worked to ensure the President’s victory in Mindanao in 2004.

    Ahmare Lucman, president of the Lanao Unity Movement for Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (LUM-GMA), told the Senate committee on national defense and security chaired by Sen. Rodolfo Biazon that the special operations started after results of the presidential contest in the precinct level showed actor Fernando Poe Jr. winning by a huge margin over Mrs. Arroyo.

    Lucman said he worked with the group of Lanao del Sur Shariah Court Judge Nagamura Moner in bribing municipal election officers to overturn Poe’s votes in favor of Mrs. Arroyo. He did not name anyone apart from Moner but earlier reports said Lomala Macadaud and Minupun Batugan were also part of Moner’s group.

    Lucman appeared before the Biazon panel yesterday accompanied by lawyer Ruel Pulido who at one time represented Moner before the same committee when the latter was planning on testifying against Mr. Arroyo.

    Moner who was also at the hearing said he did not participate in the bribery of election officers. He said he merely helped monitor the results of the presidential polls on instructions of Philippine Ports Authority chairman Alfonso Cusi after learning that Poe’s lawyers were in Marawi City collecting municipal certificates of canvass.

    Moner also disowned the signed but unnotarized statement that Pulido had earlier submitted to the Biazon panel and claimed that Pulido “fooled, tricked and victimized me” into dragging Mr. Arroyo to the election fraud. He claimed that he signed the affidavit on the prodding of Pulido, who allegedly claimed he had to “submit something to prove that we met in Cagayan de Oro City” but “I never told him to submit it to the Senate.”

    Pulido said Moner freely signed the affidavit and asked him to submit it to the committee because he wanted the Biazon panel to grant him immunity from prosecution and protective custody.

    He presented to senators a tape of his interview with Moner during a meeting at the Lantaka Hotel in Zamboanga City in October 2005, which showed him narrating his participation in the cheating scheme.

    Moner told senators that before the interview, “I told him (Pulido) that the statements are rehearsed and would only be made for purposes of being accepted into the opposition.” He did not elaborate.

    Lucman said he became president of LUM-GMA after Moner was appointed to the Shariah court in February 2004. He said Moner made him give up his candidacy as Sangguniang Panlalawigan member in Lanao del Sur before he was made head of LUM-GMA.

    Lucman said his duties included raiding the parties of presidential candidates Poe, Raul Roco and Eddie Gil to recruit 20 mayoralty bets from Lanao del Sur and 16 mayoral candidates from Lanao del Norte. He said he presented his recruits to Mr. Arroyo and Cusi at a meeting in Cagayan de Oro in April 2004. He even showed senators a photo of himself and Mr. Arroyo sitting beside each other in an unnamed restaurant.

    Lucman said Mr. Arroyo told him that “we will take care of you” if President Arroyo won the election.

    Lucman said Moner, working for Mr. Arroyo and Cusi, sent him P1 million for the special operations in Lanao del Sur on May 13, 2004. He said Moner told him Mr. Arroyo was ready to spend any amount to ensure his wife’s victory in Mindanao and that he would “give us any position we want.”

    He said 16 out of the 19 municipal election officers in Lanao del Sur were paid P30,000 to P50,000, or P10 for every vote lead for President Arroyo.

    Lucman gave Biazon a piece of paper containing the names of three election officers who received P30,000 each. He said it was Batugan who decided which election officers should be paid and by how much.

    Lucman said it was easy to convince the election officers to help in the manipulation of votes because then Comelec commissioner Virgilio Garcillano had already called them up “to expect some persons who will come to them with money.”

    Lucman said that after the counting of votes at the precinct level, municipal certificates of canvass were either brought home or to a hotel room by the election officers for tampering. The tampered results were then photocopied and faxed to Manila.

    “At all this time of the special operation, all our communications with First Gentleman Mike Arroyo and PPA general manager Alfonso Cusi were coursed through Judge Nagamura Moner who left us in Lanao del Sur during the canvassing to contact other LUM officers and members in other provinces in the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao,” Lucman said.

    Lucman said that more than a year after the elections, after the “Hello Garci” tapes were exposed by Malacañang, he accompanied Moner to the Pryce Hotel in Cagayan de Oro city on June 16 where a visiting President Arroyo was billeted.

    Lucman said that when Mrs. Arroyo entered one of the hotel rooms, a “PMS staff” called Moner and asked him to go into the same room where he was allegedly given a blue paper bag by a member of the President’s party. He claimed Moner told him the bag contained P2 million.

    Lucman said the other personalities present at Pryce Hotel when the blue paper bag was handed to Moner were Environment Secretary Michael Defensor and national security adviser Norberto Gonzales.

    Lucman said he later learned the amount was to be divided among those in Moner’s group for them to make a statement to the media that the elections in Lanao del Sur were clean, honest, and orderly.

    After Lucman’s testimony, Biazon, with the approval of Senate President Franklin Drilon, granted Lucman immunity from prosecution of offenses he admitted to committing including bribery. He was also endorsed for admission to the government’s Witness Protection Program.

    Moner told senators that he got P200,000 from Cusi to finance the “monitoring” of President Arroyo’s votes. He admitted, however, that he traveled to Tawi-Tawi and Sulu using a chopper provided by Cusi. He claimed he used the money to pay for food and hotel accommodations.

    Biazon said Lucman’s testimony was more credible than that of Moner’s.

    Sen. Jinggoy Estrada agreed with Biazon, saying that Moner was “not a credible witness.” “Ang tawag doon ay mukhang nasisiraan na ata ng bait,” he said.

    Estrada said that while Moner originally tagged Mr. Arroyo in election cheating in his original affidavit, “ngayon parang pinoprotektahan na niya si Mike Arroyo. Iyong pagbaligtad niya, iyong pagprotekta niya dun sa Unang Ginoo, palagay ko may nangyari na hindi natin nalalaman.”

    Garcillano was a no-show at yesterday’s hearing. Biazon said he would invite Garcillano again.

    Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay, chairman of the United Opposition challenged Malacañang to declassify the result of an investigation conducted by Vice Admiral Mateo Mayuga on the alleged participation of high-ranking military officers in election cheating.

    As inspector general, Mayuga headed the investigation of Army chief Lt. Gen. Hermogenes Esperon, former Southern Command chief Lt. Gen. Roy Kyamko, 1st Infantry Division commander Maj. Gen. (ret.) Gabriel Habacon and Marine Brig, Gen. (ret.) Francisco Gudani in alleged election-related irregularities as contained in the “Hello Garci” scandal.

    Mayuga yesterday took over as Navy chief.

    In the “Hello Garci” tapes, Esperon, who was promoted by Arroyo as the Army commanding general, Kyamko and Habacon were mentioned as working for the camp of Arroyo while Gudani, who is now the subject of court martial proceedings for testifying in Congress without President Arroyo’s permission, was said to be pro-Poe.

    Binay said declassifying the Mayuga report would dispel rumors that the administration is engaging in a massive cover-up and also dispel rumors that Mayuga’s appointment as Navy chief was nearly aborted because he had written a report not favorable to Malacañang.

    “In fairness to Vice Admiral Mayuga, the public should be able to tell that his appointment to the Navy command was not a ‘quid pro quo’ for a sanitized investigation report,” Binay said. – Joan Dairo and Ashzel Hachero
    MALAYA 12/09/2005

  15. Sandy said

    Sino si Malou Barry? Eto ba yun prostitute? Bakit wala na ba taste si Manong bero e di ba ang ganda ng asawa nyan? Ano na ba nangyayare sa mundo?

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  17. tovorinok said


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  19. Wei said

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    Happy April Fool’s Day!

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