Mirriam eyeing the SC

Rumors are spreading that this loka-loka is aiming for the Supreme Court, the chief justiceship nonetheless.

Oh, my gulay! That biatch is totally crazy. How dare she? It’s unacceptable. Pano ko na makaka-kontsaba ang SC and declare me as Prime Minister in 2010 if this lady becomes the chief justice?

I should call Raul and tell him to do something about this. Nobody should be taking the crown of insanity in Philippine history but me.

Off to 2010!



  1. uniffors said

    Not so fast Ate Glo. Let’s wait for Pichay to become Speaker and Merceditas to become Ombudsman.

    Rick Abcede ng PCGG po. Kung akala ninyo sira si Miriam at si Raul, you haven’t met moi . Che !

  2. Artemio de la Cruz said


  3. Juan Kawawa said

    Buti nalang nadaya s’ya ni Tito FVR nuong presidential election naku… kung siya ang naging presidente natin baka hinamon na ni praning ang China ng gyera (war) remember the Spratly issue panahon ni Tito FVR yun.

    Saka yung anak n’ya na nag suicide the real story pala duon is, the poor son was asked by her Mom (Praning) to have sex with her the problem is matino ng konti yung anak n’ya kaysa sa kanya kaya ayun instead of making a big mistake he just took his life na lang poor guy I really pity him having a crazy Mom like Mirriam if I was in his shoes ganun din ang gagawin ko.

  4. Raul Gonzales said

    Ma’am, beautiful women such as yourself and Ms. Santiago
    should remain in the Executive, and Legislative branches of
    the government, and should leave the dirty work of the Judicial
    to us macho macho men.

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