God bless the Philippines

Let us join hands in unity and thank our lord because of the bounty and graciousness he has given us all this years.

Mataas na ang antas ng pamumuhay ng ating mga mamayang Pilipino. Makikita natin ito sa mga kadahilanang:

– Tumaas na ang presyo ng krudo. Ibig sabihin ay tataas na rin ang kita ng mga nagbebenta nito.

– Tumaas na rin an e-VAT. 12 % na ngayon kumpara sa 10% dati. O di ba 20% increase? I’m no economist for nothing.

– Mataas na rin ang pamasahe. Nung kapanahunan ng tatay ko e bente sentimos lang daw yung bus, ngayon sampung piso na. Laki na yung kikitain ng mga bus operators and jeepney drivers nyan.

– Ang sine at isang daan na, dati sampung piso lang yan. Teka, nakanuod na ba kayo ng Harry Potter? Saya di ba? Kasama mga apo ko.

– Dati walang kinikita pag umihi sa mga malls. Ngayon me 5 pesos na. Laki ng kinikita ng taga bantay nyan.

We should all be proud of what this country has achieve all these years. We have grown as united, as strong and as motivated as ever.

We should all thank me for this!



  1. ian said

    Thank you, madame president, for everything. I have been dreading on how to spend my money since I’ve got lots masyado kasi and considering the fact na medyo dirt cheap talaga ang mga bagay-bagay dito sa Pinas. Imagine you can buy coffee at 150 pesos only!

    Thank you again. If it weren’t for all these price increase, I’d still be carrying loose change of 100 and 500 peso bills.

  2. Juan Kawawa said

    Thank you madame President for being so naive to the flight of the poor. That’s right, don’t ever thing of them as productive members of sociate kaya tama ang ginagawa mo, lalo mo silang pahirapan. Hayaan mo silang lahat mamatay sa gutom ng wala ng matirang mahirap sa atin bansa.

    Again, thank you madame President for being so intelligent and finding ways to eradicate the poor.

  3. Juan Kawawa said

    Coorection please “don’t ever “think” of them as Productive

  4. Juan Kawawa said

    Correction please: “don’t ever “think” of them as productive

  5. A Fan. said

    Dear Ate Glo,

    Parang lumiliit po yata ang inyong nunal. Are you undergoing sessions po with Dr. Belo?

    Sana po huwag niyo po i-eradicate completely because it’s so recognizable. In fact, an aquaintance of mine who works as a DH in Hongkong saw you in Disneyland and was able to identify you po, even in such a wholesome, uncorrupt environment, because of your mole… so please don’t have it removed because it makes you seem more… human…

    Concerned land po.

  6. A Fan. said

    I mean… concerned LANG po.

  7. Erap said

    Oi… visit mo rin naman blog site ko. Teka saan na nga ba yung url?
    Exchange links tayo ha…

  8. Juan Kawawa said

    correction, PLIGHT not flight and SOCIETY not sociate

  9. gem said

    what, no way, are you for real?

  10. Jhun Sagum said


  11. Jhun Sagum said

    G-o out !!!
    L -eave Malacanang
    O -ust GMA
    R – esign !!
    I – mpeach
    A – SSASINATE !!!

  12. Bobbyde Asis said

    Mdm. : Many are desirous to have you influence the Sandigan to simply allow Mr. Erap to stay and ‘retire’ in his own home at Greenhills! Don’t you think this would be a wise move on the part of your ADM., after all, the poor fellow is very sick and has perhaps very little time left on earth! This would be among your greatest achievements if favorably considered. Let us allow Erap to use ‘Imelda’s’ fortune to releve the many infirmities he suffers. I know what I speak hereof. Pls. consider the above & will appreciate hearing a word or two from you personally as you may be surprised about the info I have about ‘Imelda’s ‘ fortune! Good luck , M’am ! …De Asis, Bobby 3-5-06

  13. Bobbyde Asis said

    Mdm. President: Just wish to reiterate my suggestion above in Ref; ERAP ; Believe me Mdm. You will not be sorry if you assist Erap to go back to normal life in FREEDOM ! I’m certain even our ‘godd friend ‘ up there will agree to this suggestion. THANK YOU , Mdm. President ! BDA

  14. Bobbyde Asis said

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MDM. PRESIDENT ! On this day, I sincerely wish you the best in all your endeavors as President and the Lord’s guidance in all your major decisions which particularly affect the lives of our people. I also wish that the Military and Police forces continue to give you their full support . Finally, may I again reiterate previous suggestions in Ref. Ex-Pres. Erap. It has been noted that the man is now entirely harmless & all his ‘big talk’ once in a while, is but nothing ! Pls. show him more kindness and be merciful for what little he may have done in service to our counry and people. Thank you Mdm. Pres., and again a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU…..BDA

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